Kraków meeting on Migration

Here you can find all relevant information on the Krakow meeting on Migration, November 8-13, 2010.

Interventions by the resource people:

General input by Br. Bernd Beermann (Director of the Office for Justice, Peace and Ecology of the Capuchin Order, Rome)

Meditation on the suffering of migrants (en)

Reflection on Acts 3,1-10 (en)

The project Planning Cycle (en)

Roles of the Role play performed on Friday, Nov 12, 2010 (it/pl)

A general overview and sociological aspects of migration by Prof. Dr. Andrej Chodubski (University of Gdanzk)

Cywilizacyjne objaśnianie współczesnych zjawisk migracyjnych, na przykładzie diaspory Polaków (pl)

Zjawisko migracji ludności we współczesnej Europie. Postrzeganie problemu (pl)

Biblical aspects of Migration by Gianfranco Berbeni (Roma/Milano)

Lo straniero nella bibbia (it)

Franciscan Reflections on Migration by Niklaus Kuster (Olten)

Francis of Assisi: Strangers and Migration in the Prophecy of a Universal Fraternity (en/it)

Questions for a group work (it)

Questions for a group work (en)

Questions for a group work (de)

Migration in the Documents of Catholic Social Teaching by José da Silva (Orleans)

Quand l’étranger frappe à nos portes, chance et défi pour la mission de l’Eglise
– Quelques fondamentaux de la mission de l’Eglise avec et par les migrants (fr)

The legal Situation of Migrants in the European Union by Stefan Kessler (JRS, Bruxelles)

The Legal Situation of Migrants in Europe (en)

Pastoral approaches in the work with migrants by Detlef Schneider-Stengel (Gelsenkirchen)

Pastorale Annäherungen in der Arbeit mit Migranten (de)

Interreligiöser Dialog in Gelsenkirchen (de)

Fragen für die Gruppenarbeit (de)

Pictures of some events in Gelsenkirchen (zip-archive)

Action plans elaborated during the meeting by the participants

Program of formation (it)

Pictures of the meeting by Paweł Teperski

Pictures in a web-archive 1

Pictures in a web-archive 2

Pictures in a web-archive 3

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Further information:

List of Participants


2 Comments on “Kraków meeting on Migration

  1. pace e bene
    vedo che Cracovia ha la data, ma indietro Bangkok e altri eventi seono elencati senza data.
    se possibile aggiungere la data, rende più facile la consultazione.
    poi: è possibile fare un “CERCA” o è troppo complicato?
    grazie di tutto
    fra stefano

    • Si come ho cominciato il blog dopo Bangkok, non è tecnicamente possibile aggiungere la data precisa.
      Una funziona “Cerca” lo cerco di aggiungere quando tornò a Roma.

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