Bangkok meeting on Migration

Materials regarding the Bangkok meeting on Migration:

Videos of the meeting:

Video 1

Video 2

Overview on the Situation of Migrants in Asia-Pacific by the Builders- and Woodworkers International Union (BWI)

Overview (en)

General input by Bernd Beermann (JPE Office, Rome)

Meditation on the Suffering of Migrants (en)

Reflection on Acts 3,1-10 (en)

The Project Planning Cycle (en)

The Documents of the Church by Paul Hinder (Abu Dhabi)

Introduction to Church Documents (en)

Franciscan Aspects of Migration by Niklaus Kuster (Olten)

Francis of Assisi: Strangers and Migration in the Prophecy of a Universal Fraternity (en)

Sociological and Pastoral Aspects in the work with Migrants by Bernard Hyacinth Arputhasamy, SJ (JRS, Bangkok)

The Sociology of Migration (en)

Pastoral Approaches to a work with Migrants (en)

List of Participants


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