Season of Creation

This week, we’re reminded why our participation in the Season of Creation is so important. Two major storms–Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut–have taken precious lives.

Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines, where 59 of our most vulnerable of our sisters and brothers died, most of them buried in landslides. Hurricane Florence struck the East Coast of the United States, killing 16 people. Storms like these are likely to be increasingly powerful because of climate change.

Over the weekend, Pope Francis tweeted “Let us deal with climate change through international cooperation: each person’s choices have repercussions on the life of everyone.”

Pope Francis is lifting his voice for creation. This Season of Creation, Christians around the world are doing the same.


On October 3, the day before the Feast of St. Francis, pilgrimage will take the first steps of a 1,500-kilometer (almost 950-mile) journey for climate justice.

They are starting at the Vatican and walking all the way to Katowice, Poland, where the UN climate talks will be held. These talks will cement the next stage in the Paris agreement, and there’s a lot up for discussion.

Pilgrims are walking to send the message that Christians around the world want to solve the climate crisis. Coming from the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, and across central and Eastern Europe, they are walking in unity to call for action that protects our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share information about how you can add your voice to the pilgrimage. For now, we ask you to please consider making a donation to support it.


The Global Climate Action Summit just wrapped up in San Francisco. Leaders from the fields of business, education, and faith came together to show that they are taking action now, and to call on governments to catch up.

Catholics’ voices were heard loud and clear, sharing prayers and action throughout the week-long event.


Across the globe, Christians are lifting their voices for the Season of Creation. From this op-ed that was written by Anglican bishops from four continents to this op-ed that was written by a Catholic priest in Mexico, our leaders are sharing a message of hope and urgency for the season.

You’re invited to raise your voice by writing a letter to the editor for your local newspaper.  Letters to the editor are a surprisingly effective way of reaching local policy makers. More information is here.

Through the prophet Isaiah, we hear the Lord say “You are my witnesses.”

We witness to God’s love for all people, especially the most vulnerable. We call on each other and our leaders to embody this love by protecting the common home we share.

PS: If you’ve planned a Season of Creation event but haven’t registered it yet, please register it now.

Tomás Insua
Executive Director
Global Catholic Climate Movement

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Audience of Pope Francis with the Chapter Participants

Message of the General Minister, Br. Roberto Genuin, to the Holy Father

Holy Father,

We Capuchin friars gathered for the 85th General Chapter are deeply grateful for this opportunity to meet with you that you have benevolently granted. We offer you our fraternal thanks and we wish to renew, into your hands, in the manner and with the words of St. Francis of Assisi, the profession of “obedience and reverence to the Lord Pope.” (Earlier Rule, prologue, 3)

All the brothers of the Order, here represented by the brother capitulars, express their cordial closeness to you and, as you never fail to ask, remember you in their daily prayer to the Lord that He might support and strengthen you in your apostolic ministry, even when trials and tribulations make themselves felt.

“Come, learn from me … and you will find rest.” (Mt 11:29) These were the words of Christ that guided the brother capitulars in these days of brotherhood and reflection. Moved by the desire to be ever more his true disciples in our time, we studied and discussed in particular the topic of the Ratio formationis for the whole Order. The text, having been in development for a long time with collaboration from the various expressions of our life in the world, saw us unquestionably united and in agreement about the values that characterize our identity and charism, and that we can sum up in the terms fraternity and minority.

Holy Father, the Capuchin Order has begun to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the day when Pope Clement VII, on July 3, 1528, authorized a group of friars to live sine glossa the Rule and Testament of St. Francis of Assisi. Five hundred years marked by a great number of brothers, canonized saints and everyday saints, blesseds given this title by the Church and blesseds kept in the secret of the heart of the Capuchin brotherhood, all intensely drawn in and in love with the gaze of the Crucified, which is the same gaze of God’s Love for humanity.

So seduced, they dedicated their lives to an industrious charity, to welcome and to closeness to all, in a continual going out of themselves in order to make a return on the gift they had received. This is why the Capuchin friars have always been known as friars of the people, not closed in their own relationship with Christ, as precious and fertile as this is, but able to give back with simplicity and generosity what they themselves have received, going out to meet all kinds of people and making known to the men and women they met that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is truly good news, and brings peace and joy to those who receive it.

As you, Holy Father have remarked, “The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. […] With Christ joy is constantly born anew.” (Evangelii gaudium, 1)

Therefore, we Capuchin friars are moved again today to put ourselves and our international fraternity at the service of the Church and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are moved anew to go out to meet the world, among those who have forgotten or rejected Him as well as those who do not yet know Him, that the joy of the Gospel may reach everyone.

Beloved Father, we thank you very much for your fraternal closeness, for your evangelical courage, and in a special way, for the push to renew our religious life and the charism we have received, putting these at the service of the Church and its mission in the world. We assure you of our great esteem and our constant prayer, that the Spirit may support and strengthen the flame that, through you, is being lit in the Church and in the consecrated life in particular.

Holy Father, we are eager to listen to your words today. May they guide and confirm us in our will to persevere in the propositum vitae that the Lord inspired in Brother Francis and the “the Lord Pope confirmed” (Testament, 15) by his apostolic authority.

And before we continue our journey, I ask for your paternal blessing. I ask for myself at the beginning of my service as General Minister, and I ask for all the Capuchin brothers throughout the one hundred and ten nations of the world where we are present, that each, strengthened in his own purpose, might live poverty in gladness, chastity in fidelity, and obedience with joy, ready to let himself be approached by Christ, our joy and our hope.

Br. Roberto Genuin, OFM Cap.
General Minister

Rome, 14 September 2018
Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

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Who is Br. Roberto Genuin, the New Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, Capuchins

Rome, September 3. At 9:30 in the morning all the friar capitulars gathered in the church of the International College for a special liturgy and a prayer for the election of the new Minister. In order to recall to those present that minister is a service to the brothers, a passage was read from the gospel of Matthew (20:20-28) as well as the section from The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul in which our holy father Francis indicates the qualities that the minister must have (FA:ED II: 364-366). Then the capitulars followed the outgoing General Minister, who carried a lamp lit from the Paschal Candle, into the auditorium. There the lamp was placed before the Book of the Gospels while each took his place. The assembled capitulars then sang the Veni Creator Spiritus in order to invoke the assistance of the Spirit in this important moment in the life of the Order. Immediately following, the Chapter Secretary proceeded to the roll call and then the distribution of ballots. Following the voting, the tellers examined the ballots, the result of which was the election of Br. Roberto Genuin on the first ballot. Br. Roberto has served multiple terms as Provincial Minister of Venice. The new General Minister accepted the election by his brother capitulars and they immediately stood and offered their applause.

Curriculum Vitae

Roberto-Genuin-copiaBr. Roberto Genuin was born on September 20, 1961 in Falcade, a town in the Belluno civil province of the Italian region of Veneto, to Antonio Genuin and Valeria Adami. They were a large and practising Catholic family. He was baptized a few days later on September 24. At eleven years old he entered the Seraphic Seminary of Castelmonte (Province of Udine). He made the year of novitiate in Lendinara (Province of Adria-Rovigo). Br. Roberto made temporary religious profession on October 3, 1980 and perpetual profession on June 30, 1985. In 1986 he completed the bachelor of sacred theology summa cum laude at the Laurentianum inter-provincial theologate in Venice. Br. Roberto was then ordained priest in his home parish in Falcade on June 27, 1987. As a member of our International College in Rome from 1991 to 1996, Br. Roberto completed the research doctorate in utroque iure at the Pontifical Lateran University.
While still a deacon Br. Roberto was an animator of the Seraphic Seminary (1986-1987) and then became its director (1987-1991). After his studies in Rome, he was appointed guardian in Venice as well as assistant director and professor at the Laurentianum theologate (1996-2008). Having been elected Vicar Provincial, Br. Roberto participated in the General Chapters of 2006, 2012, and 2018 as a delegate. In 2008 he was elected Provincial Minister and then reelected in 2011. Following a reconfiguration of Provinces in 2014, he was then appointed the first Provincial Minister of the new Holy Cross Venetian Province. In 2017 Br. Roberto was appointed guardian of the friary of Rovereto.
During his service as Provincial Minister, Br. Roberto visited all the friars of his Province in Italy and abroad, where many work as missionaries or in other services to the Church in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Georgia, Israel, and Switzerland. At the Order’s request, Br Roberto sent young friars not only to the provincial delegations of Greece and Hungary, but also to new presences in Georgia, Switzerland, and to the Europe Project fraternity in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Br. Roberto was an assiduous collaborator in the Commission for the revision of the Constitutions, making all the corrections to the juridical apparatus. He was also a member of the preparatory commission for the General Chapter of 2018, which then elected him General Minister.
In today’s voting (3 September 2018), during the Eighty-fifth General Chapter in Rome, Br. Roberto Genuin was elected General Minister on the first ballot.








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The New Minister General, Order of Friars Minor, Capuchins

Roberto-Genuin-copiaEnglish: Today, September 3, at the International College of San Lorenzo of Brindisi, Rome,  the General Chapter of the Capuchin Friars Minor elected Friar Roberto Genuin from the province of Venice as the new Minister General of the Order for the next six years.


Italian: Oggi 3 settembre, presso il Collegio Internazionale San Lorenzo da Brindisi, il Capitolo Generale dei Frati Cappuccini ha eletto come Ministro Generale dell’Ordine Fra Roberto Genuin della Provincia Veneta. L’eletto resterà in carica per la durata di un sessennio.

Spanish: Hoy, 3 de septiembre, en el Colegio Internacional de San Lorenzo de Brindisi, Roma, el Capítulo General de los Frailes Capuchinos Menores eligió a fray Roberto Genuin de la provincia de Venecia como nuevo ministro general de la Orden para los próximos seis años.

new Minister General

chapter begins.jpg

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SEASON OF CREATION: September 1-October 4, 2018

Season of Creation

The Season of Creation is an annual celebration of prayer and action to protect creation. It is celebrated by Christians of all traditions, and the leaders of faith traditions have encouraged the faithful to participate.

The Season of Creation is celebrated annually by tens of thousands of Christians around the world. Local, volunteer event hosts on six continents organize celebrations in their communities. These range from prayer services to litter clean-ups to advocacy actions.

The season begins September 1, the Day of Prayer for Creation, and runs through October 4, the Feast of St. Francis, who is the patron saint of ecology in many traditions. The theme of this year’s celebration is “walking together.” As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are on a pilgrimage to better care of creation.

More information about how to celebrate is here.
The Season of Creation is covered widely in the press, including coverage last year in CNNLa VieCruxToscano OggiArgentina’s Catholic Information Agency, and Carta de Notícias.

History of The Season of Creation:

The Season of Creation is an annual celebration of prayer and action to protect creation. It runs from September 1 to October 4.

September 1 was proclaimed as a day of prayer for creation (World Day of Prayer for Creation, or Creation Day) by Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I for the Orthodox in 1989, and was embraced by the other major Christian European churches in 2001 and by Pope Francis for the Roman Catholic Church in 2015.

Many Christian churches started celebrating the “Season of Creation” (also known as Creation Time) between that date and October 4, which is the date of the feast many Western traditions observe for St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis is widely associated with nature, and for Catholics is the patron saint of those who promote ecology.

Several statements from the past few years have called the faithful to observe this month-long Season of Creation, such as those of the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines in 2003, the Third European Ecumenical Assembly in Sibiu in 2007 and the World Council of Churches in 2008.


You are called to lead your community. The theme for this year’s celebration is “walking together,” and there are endless ways for your community to show it is on a journey toward better care of our common home

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Pope Francis visits brothers, homeless at Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin

Pope Francis pictured with Brother Kevin Crowley
Pope Francis pictured with Brother Kevin Crowley
The Pope paid tribute to the dignity of the homeless at the Caphucin Day Centre in Dublin today during his historic 36-hour visit to Ireland.

The Capuchin religious order runs a lifeline service for those without shelter and in need of food and infant supplies.

Bella Rose, 11 months old, came face-to-face with the pontiff, her mother said after he dismounted from his popemobile and entered through an unassuming back door from a narrow alleyway lined with well-wishers.

Candice Hartigan, 37, added: “He blessed all the children but she was the only one that got the kiss.”

The centre is non-judgmental, she said.

“They ask you nothing, they don’t ask you why you want something, they don’t ask you why you want to be fed.

“They don’t ask you why you want baby food and nappies, they don’t ask you anything.

“You just put your name down and that is it, you are not asked anything else,” said Ms Hartigan.

Addressing a gathering of the disadvantaged who use the centre, the Pope thanked them for trusting the Capuchin fathers.

“They help you without taking away your dignity,” he said.

“That’s the face of Jesus Christ.”

Brother Kevin Crowley is a co-director at the centre.

RTÉ News


The Capuchin Day Centre is “a family of the poor and marginalised in our society”

He said: “The message he gave was that we should show dignity and respect to every person in need, that was his real message.”

That respect extends to every person who uses the centre.

Brother Kevin added: “It is very sad to think that little children have to go back to hostels in the evening time when they leave our centre.

“So his concerns were the dignity and respect of each and every poor person.

“Wherever he went he always made sure the poor were his priority and I think that is one of the greatest gifts for us here today that the Pope came to visit the centre and showed his great love for the poor and for the homeless,” said Brother Crowley.

He said not enough houses were available in Dublin and urged the Irish Government to “get its act together” and build more homes.

Fr Bryan Shortall, a Capuchin parish priest, recalled the leader of the world’s Catholics said some beautiful things to the friars and the homeless.

“The Pope was affirming Brother Kevin and Fr Sean in what they do in the day centre, because they ask no questions, they literally have an open door, people are welcome, people will not be queried or get the third degree or quizzed, they will be welcomed.

“It was a wonderful occasion, a wonderful experience and something I am never going to forget.”

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Who is My Neighbor in a Climate-Threatened World?”

We are delighted to announce that the 2018 Feast of St. Francis Program– “Who is My Neighbor in a Climate-Threatened World?” is now available!

Every October 4th, the Feast of St. Francis (FOSF) celebrates the saint who saw all created beings as his brother or sister. Inspired by this example, Catholic Climate Covenant produces a free 90-minute catechetical program to help parishes, schools, and faith communities explore how they can better care for creation and the poor.

Register below to gain access to the Feast of St. Francis resources.

Download the Feast of St. Francis Program

Video:”Who is My Neighbor in a Climate-Threatened World?”

We hope that you find the materials and resources we have created for this year’s Feast of St. Francis Program inspiring and useful. Remember that the Feast of St. Francis Program can be used on October 4th or any date of your choosing.

Please let us know how you use the materials. If you have photos or a short description of your Feast of St. Francis program and/or Blessing of the Animals, we would be delighted to share with the larger Covenant community!

If you have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of the Feast of St. Francis program, please contact Paz Artaza-Regan (

Catholic Climate Covenant



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